Wirreanda Park, Buderim

For our first park this year, I decided to head up Buderim Mountain. Sure, we’ve got a great local park, not far from here, and around the corner from our new house, but I thought I’d leave that for later in the year.

Wirreanda Park is one of those places I’ve always wanted to spend a couple of hours. It’s directly across the road from a pretty awesome bakery, and fish & chip shop. So it’s one of those places you drive past often, stop outside regularly, but never get to spend any time there.

Wirreanda Park is on King Street in Buderim, on the corner of Short Street.

Wirreanda Park, Buderim

I suspect this park could very quickly become a favourite, especially on hot days. Here’s why:

Whilst there is a fantastic playground for kids

There’s also a “playground” for bigger kids looking for a workout

The trees are the main attraction here. Judging by the rose petals down the avenue, and this:

I suspect there are a lot of weddings seen here on Saturdays. In fact, we looked at this park as a venue for our wedding over 9 years ago. That would be the last time I was here.

We spent a very pleasant hour at Wirreanda Park. There is plenty for the kids to do. And very easy to imagine a fairy garden among these trees.

A little history lesson about the trees. The “Avenue of Weeping Figs” was planted in 1903 on private property, which has since become parkland. What a magical place to play!

For the nitty gritty on the park and facilities.

  • The playground is fantastic for younger kids, with heaps to do. And the older kids aren’t left out either.
  • The toilets are good. Very well looked after (I suspect locked at night), clean with plenty of toilet paper
  • The park itself is well maintained. Despite all the rain we’ve had the grass is mowed and tidy.
  • Plenty of rubbish bins. The result is a very clean park.
  • Lots of car parking on Short Street.
  • There is a small shelter facility, but in a good downpour it wouldn’t do much. The trees provide more than enough shade.
  • There is a BBQ, though we couldn’t test whether it worked. It was full of water
  • There are plenty of shaded chairs for parents to watch the kids play, both near the playground and under the trees.
  • Across the road is a newsagent, a take-away, bakery and coffee shop. I know how important that is.

Some things to be aware of though:

  • There isn’t many paths for bikes/scooters.
  • Because of the large amount of trees the ground will take ages to dry out after a bit of rain.
  • There are mozzies and sandflies. Take your bug spray and be liberal with the application.

Finally, if you have boys, they may also be fascinated by the wildlife in the park.

This is definitely a great park for kids, both young and older. We will be visiting here again.


One response to “Wirreanda Park, Buderim

  1. Looks like a wonderful park. I can just imagine ppl saying their vows under those trees…

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